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The people behind Comfy Studios

Comfy Studios was founded by Yvonne van Opdorp and her husband Jos. Ever since Yvonne started to travel the world as interior and product designer for factories in 1992 she had the desire to furnish a hotel.  With her endless ideas and experiences, Yvonne therefore takes the lead in founding Comfy Studios.
Yvonne her love for Andalusia is great and after years of collaborating succesfully with Jose Antonio Aragon, contractor in this region, the basis of starting a company in short and long stay studios was created.
Jose, owner of Quality Constructions since 2006, excels in flexibility as a contractor. Jose is always up for new ideas and is open to using different materials and applying different styles. Nothing is impossible with Jose.
Yvonne and Jose had their eye on a totally run-down space, which was never actually intended to be a hotel space. But the beautiful view and the location, just meters away from the boulevard and the beach, were the deciding factors. With their mutual love for and experience with interiors, renovations and hotels, the building was transformed into 19 luxury studios, called Comfy Studios.